David Mattey ~ Franklin

David “Big Dave” Mattey is an actor/stuntman/creature who has been seen on stage and both small and silver screens, including Two and a Half Men, Chuck, Supernatural, Reno 911!, Numb3rs, According to Jim, Angel, Charmed, Star Trek: Enterprise and a bunch of soaps and other shows.  Younger viewers recognize him from Wizards of Waverly Place,iCarly, Zeke and Luther, Supah Ninjas, I'm In The Band, andPair of Kings, and the films Jack and the Beanstalk and The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan.  Some of his other film roles includeThor, Get Smart, Strange Wilderness, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV, and upcoming in the Ryan Reynolds/Jeff Bridges film R.I.P.D., to name a few. 
He is a member of MENSA, holds several patents and three engineering degrees from Virginia Tech, has been performing Shakespeare, sketch comedy, and improv on stage from coast to coast for 15 years, and has trained with the  Royal Shakespeare Company, Second City/Burn Manhattan, and The Groundlings. 
In spite of all that, he is still best known as the guy who gets a head shoved up his ass by Will Smith in Hancock.