Meet Ted Campbell

For several years now,  Marlo Bernier has been a very good friend of mine.  Also, a colleague. We've collaborated on many projects, seek each others' advice in our writing, etc.  A few years back, we were working on a short film together.  At lunch during a tech scout, she revealed to me that she was transitioning.  I stared blankly at her... "Huh?"  You see up until that moment (and for the majority of her life) I knew her as Mark.  She is transsexual.  Born physically male. But in her heart, mind and soul... female. She took the very brave and necessary step to change her physical gender to match her gender identity.

Over the years,  the stories of her journey have been funny, heartbreaking and inspiring. I've never met a braver person whose use of humor in the face of obvious opposition has become a weapon of survival.  I have more than once felt that these stories need to be told. Finally, we have decided that these stories will be told.


Ted Campbell

Myrna Series Director

A fifteen-year veteran of the film industry, Ted  has worked on over thirty independent films including Miranda July's  The Future and the Sundance award winner  Quinceanera. As a screenwriter, Ted won the grand prize in Script Shark's Insider Screenplay contest for his neonoir, thriller Blue Motel. He also wrote the screenplay adaptation of the young adult novel You Have The Write To Remain Violent (Quantum Releasing) and the historical drama Dream I Have for producer Yoko Kubota. He wrote, directed and produced the short film Shadow on the Wall, directed the short comedy Breaking Bread and co-directed the zombie-romancemusical-comedy  Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story. Ted is currently producing, editing and scoring the short film Snuff. Rigamortis is repped by New Video and available on iTunes.