Sam B. Kim

Sam B Kim comes from the last generation of filmmakers that grew up in the era of film and has transitioned off to digital cinema. Taking all the discipline that film required, Kim holds a high bar for professionalism and quality that can be found from his mentors before him.


Kim's work on "Six Letter Words" was accepted to over 40 international film festivals showing in exclusive places such as a the American Pavilion in Cannes. His embrace of digital has allowed his work to be viewed by millions through Dreamworks internet channel AwesomessTV and through Nickelodeon.

Whether shooting in the remote parts of China, or in downtown Los Angeles, his works are a part of the whole, where the camera placement and lighting are there to serve more than itself but the story in it's entirety. Kim demand that his work can bring more than just pretty images, but that through great collaborations with fellow filmmakers it shows the hard work, the history and the subtle nuances that all the key elements of cinema will bring to its audiences.