Warren Alan Young

Production Designer Warren Alan Young has been fortunate to have collaborated on a variety of projects including those from the big screen to the small, as well as live performances such as stand up comedy concerts and fashion shows. Originally trained in interior design, interior architecture and photography, Mr. Young found, almost by accident, that the world of on screen entertainment offered to him similar avenues for limitless exploration and expression.

Mr. Young’s first full feature film as production designer was the critically acclaimed Polish Brother’s film Twin Falls Idaho.  Subsequently, Mr. Young has designed films and television projects where the design of the set are as equally relied upon in telling the story as are the performances of the actors, and the strength of the story. 

With production design credits for films like Akeelah and the Bee, Talk to Me, and The Secret Life of Bees, as well as the Sony/TNT episodic HawthoRNe, Mr. Young has continually strived to demonstrate his desire to create worlds that are as real, detailed, and informative as the worlds that surround us all. 

Early exposure to creative revolutionaries such as Gordon Parks, Frank Lloyd Wright, Romare Bearden, Alfred Hitchcock, Pablo Picasso, musicians Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jimmy Hendricks, motion pictures Fahrenheit 451 Metropolis, and Casablanca, and in particular, Legos, were all seeds of major influence in the young life of a future artist.  The impact on Mr. Young from exposure to these influences continues to be revealed in his life and work as motion picture production designer.

Mr. Young also continues his interior design and architectural endeavors, and furniture design, as well as furthering his photography practice.