Paul McKinney ~ L. L. Lewis

Paul lives the life of the working actor in L.A., and as such, does his own yardwork. If you own a television, you may have seen Paul on such shows as How I Met Your Mother, Jon Benjamin Has A Van, and others. If you own a radio, you may have heard his melodic voice hawking products on said radio. If you own a theater, maybe you saw Paul in the L.A. smash hit Evel Knievel: The Rock Opera. If you saw Paul in the movie Tapped Out starring '90s rap star Coolio, Paul would love to talk with you, because seriously yo, like 8 people saw that, and he didn't know whether those 8 included people who were not in the movie. And if you're dying to see Paul in drag, look no further than Backwash, a project did for Sony starring Michael Ian Black, where he plays a Liza Minnelli impersonator. He would like to thank his beautiful wife Jennifer, and also remind his parole officer that "arrest" is not the same thing as "conviction".