Marlo Bernier's inspiring and life-changing story!​​

I don’t know when it was exactly, that I found myself with feelings of the female kind,  but as with so many stories of transsexuals,  it began very early and it’s safe to say that my first memory of such would have been at the age of four. It wasn't until later,  in my teens,  that I found out the adults called it something else.

I was  transsexual, but kept telling myself that it was just a phase.  I joined the Air Force, played in bands overseas,  did copious amounts of heroin,  got married,  acted my heart out and yet, always deep down inside there was this knowledge that I wasn't being true to who I was.  I wasn't happy.


Flash forward to 2007 when I was faced with a choice; transition or die.  I chose to live and in so doing I knew it would be impossible to continue to keep secrets and so I pulled on my Big Girl Panties and put it all on the line, publicly, as I transitioned from male-to-female/Mark-to-Marlo.

Yes, I have lost a few friends and family along the way.  The calls to audition ceased.  I sacrificed much, but in return I gained much more,  so much more.   And amazingly once I'd stopped hiding from myself, relationships with a large majority of my family, friends and colleagues only flourished and strengthened and that has certainly never been more evident than seeing the quality of artisans who have graciously and enthusiastically attached themselves to Myrna.

I do very much desire for you to understand that though Myrna will tackle some pretty serious issues that it is in no way a funeral dirge,  nor some sordid peek into the transsexual world,  but rather a celebration of life.

Yes, life with all its idiosyncrasies that every single one of us possess, no matter where we come from, or where we’re headed.  True, we are all different however our respective journeys though unique remain at their very core;  symbiotic.


Bottom-line;  I and all of us are fully aware and respectful of that with which we’ve been entrusted and we know that at the end of the day as we produce this show,  we will have to ask ourselves;  Did we tell the truth,  no matter the cost?

I trust by now you know the answer to that.

Ultimately by showing you, our audience, this life of mine from Myrna's world-view, I believe hearts and minds will be transformed.,  barriers broken and stunned Straw Men knocked to the ground, that we will  indeed have contributed in a significant way toward this effort of social change and acceptance. 



Marlo Bernier
Creator of Myrna